Annapolis Retaining Wall and Garden Wall Construction

Retaining walls are that extra special feature that can make your property stand out from all others in Annapolis. Businesses and homeowners alike may want a garden wall to spruce up the exterior of their building. Maybe you’d like to make your backyard a great place for socializing by building a retaining wall around your patio, or even around a fire pit. Perhaps there’s a hill you’d like to build a garden on if only it was flat. Your realtor may have even suggested doing something with that unsightly hill. Building retaining and garden walls isn’t easy - especially if you want it done right. Luckily for you, J Gonzalez offers the best services for retaining and garden construction Annapolis has to offer.  If you want to make your backyard a more beautiful place, increase the value of your home and not break a sweat or have one headache achieving your goal contact J Gonzalez today to get the best Annapolis retaining wall construction company on your team!

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Annapolis Retaining Wall and Garden Wall Construction Difficulties

Building a retaining wall or garden wall is HARD WORK. It takes a lot more than just laying bricks in a wall formation. Here’s a list of just SOME things one has to consider when building their own Annapolis retaining wall.

Type of Retaining Wall: There are different types of retaining walls - stone, brick, keystone, and garden walls. Each type requires some very important distinctions when constructing. It takes a skilled professional to know which is the best supplies for your Annapolis retaining wall construction.

Plans: With other DIY projects, ‘winging it’ may be acceptable - but not when constructing retaining walls or garden walls. These walls need to be able to support at least 20 tons of soil pressure - and much more if your wall is taller than 4 ft or longer than 15 ft. Miscalculations can cause disastrous results for your Annapolis retaining wall or garden wall.

Cost: Annapolis retaining wall and garden wall construction isn’t easy OR cheap. Not only do you have the cost of the blocks, but also whatever crushed stone or gravel you plan to use. You will also need to either buy or rent professional equipment such as a block splitter and a gas-powered cutoff saw. Renting these two items alone can cost up to around 160 dollars per day - and that’s not all the equipment you will need. Then you also have to factor in the amount of labor costs that you will have to spend. At the end of the day, your Annapolis retaining wall project will be much more daunting then you initially had imagined.

J Gonzalez Construction
J Gonzalez Construction

Time: Retaining wall blocks are heavy and it’s important that they are laid down correctly. If you’re only one person, you may be tempted to work a bit quicker to get done faster. This will only cost you more money in the long run and also cause frustration. We've seen it time and time again Annapolis retaining wall construction is a long, tedious and laborious process.

Safety: Working with unfamiliar and dangerous equipment is a safety hazard - especially if you’re rushing the job. Retaining wall and garden wall construction in Annapolis shouldn't be taken lightly, this is your safety and well being we're talking about!

Don't Take The Risk: It’s much much better to rely on the professionals, and we know just who to call. Learn more about why J Gonzalez is your best option for Annapolis retaining wall and Annapolis garden wall construction in the next paragraph.

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Why Choose Us for Annapolis Retaining Wall and Garden Wall Construction

If you were in this alone, think about how much time and patience you have to devote to building your Annapolis retaining wall. Also, think about your skill level. A poorly constructed Annapolis retaining wall isn’t just awful to look at but can be extremely dangerous. We are the #1 choice for Annapolis garden wall construction and Annapolis retaining wall services. We do business differently than other retaining wall contractors in Annapolis, here are a few things you should know that will bring you peace of mind while deciding to hire a garden wall contractor.

Our Annapolis Retaining Wall and Garden Wall Promise

J Gonzalez Construction promises to provide you the results you seek. We’re a group of licensed professionals who not only gets the job done quickly, but we get the job done RIGHT the first time. We’re affordable, professional and the #1 choice for Annapolis retaining wall and garden wall contractors. Contact us for a free quote on your project. We can't wait to make your backyard beautiful and provide increased value to your home!

Plans: No matter where you want your retaining or garden wall built, we’ll be able to come up with a plan that works for the area. We will sit down with you and sketch out exactly what your new Annapolis garden wall or Annapolis retaining wall will look like.

Equipment: We own all the necessary professional-grade equipment needed to build secure, beautiful retaining and garden walls in Annapolis. 

No Skipped Steps: Others might skip steps if they don’t have the right equipment. When talking about retaining walls, many neglect to compact the soil after excavating. This is a huge mistake that can lead to your wall settling over time and eventually falling down. We take EVERY step necessary to give you a beautiful wall that will last the test of time, gravity, and mother nature.

Safety: We take all safety precautions seriously and follow all safety regulations. Our licensed workers have years of experience using the equipment required.

Cost: Call us today for a free quote. While we’re the most affordable retaining wall and garden wall in Annapolis, we’re also able to work within your budget.

Licensed Professionals: Our crew is made up of licensed professionals who have the experience necessary to deliver you the results you’re looking for. We only provide to you the best-skilled labor for constructing your Annapolis retaining wall or Annapolis garden wall.

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Our Annapolis Retaining Walls and Garden Wall Guarantee:

We guarantee to provide you the best Annapolis retaining wall service. We promise to execute exactly what is planned and to do so on time, on budget and to provide you the best experience of any retaining wall and garden wall contractor in Annapolis. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with our service during your Annapolis retaining wall construction or after your Annapolis garden wall is completed please call our office right away. We will do anything that is necessary to ensure you not only receive the best customer service imaginable, but also the best results as well. 

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